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6th Grade students must have TDAP in order to begin 7th grade. Proof must be provided to Records Office at Cope Middle School.
The Redlands High School Counselors want to encourage all our future parents and guardians to attend our annual 8th into 9th Grade Parent Night on Monday, April 10 at 6:00 p.m. in Clock Auditorium on the RHS campus. Topics to be covered included graduation requirements, registration forms, honors programs, summer school, student activities, and academic policies.  The High School asks that you download and print the registration documents.
English 8
Instructor: Mr. Cartmill   
Welcome to 8th grade English!  As we look to your last year of middle school, be prepared for some challenging experiences, but also several opportunities for growth, learning, and fun. During this school year, we will be emphasizing on reading comprehension and analysis, development of writing, vocabulary study, appropriate grammar and usage, listening and speaking skills, and test taking strategies. Although helpful, this webpage should not be used as the sole means of classroom announcements, due dates, and resources. Our daily classroom routine will allow for classroom announcements, time to copy the agenda, and extra copies of all assignments. I am looking forward to an exciting year of enriching your lives and preparing you for the endeavors ahead.
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Harriet Tubman Listening Practice
Using the link below, listen to the podcast, then answer the following questions.
  1. Which detail best reveals the speaker’s motive for creating the presentation?
  2. Why does the speaker include sound bits from the various Tubman inspired TV shows?
​​Please answer each question in the RACE format.

Module 5: The Move Toward Freedom 3/27-4/28 ​
Module Five (Collection Three) is titled, “The Move Toward Freedom.” Students will gather evidence by reading and autobiography, a biography, a poem, and selected stories as well as watching video clips about America’s move toward freedom. The Performance Task for this unit is a research project, which students may work on individually or with a partner. Students will choose an abolitionist, conduct research, and then present their findings to the class using any multimedia of their choice. The Performance Task for Module Five will be due on Thursday, April 25th. To access any files for this unit, please click on the Module Five folder at the bottom of this page.
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - Movie
To end Module 4, next week we will be viewing The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Please make sure to have the permission slip attached below returned by Wednesday, 3/1. Thanks!
Night - Full Text
Full text for Night has been added below.
Module Three
Module Three combines texts from Collection Four, “Approaching Adulthood” and Collection 6, “The Value of Work.” Over the course of three weeks, students will gather evidence by reading short stories, poems, and articles which will explore the passage from childhood to adulthood and discuss the value of work. They will use this evidence to create their Performance Task, which is a multimedia presentation (choice of PowerPoint or Prezi) in which students will recognize a certain age or life event—such as voting, getting a driver’s license, legally being considered an adult, or living independently—that should be changed. This essay will be supported with the evidence they have gathered throughout the unit. The Performance Task for Module Three will be due on Monday, December 5th. Students will present to the class individually or in pairs (students choose). To access any files for this collection, please scroll down and click on the “Module Three” folder.
Full Audio for Poe's Tell Tale Heart
Full audio for Poe's "Tell Tale Heart" has been loaded in the Module Two folder. File is in mp3 format.
Module Two
Module Two: 9/21/15-10/30/15
Module Two is titled, “The Thrill of Horror.” Over the course of four weeks, students will gather evidence by reading literary criticism and stories, and comparing and contrasting the text version to film version of selected works. Students will use this evidence to write a literary analysis about “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Monkey’s Paw.” This analysis will be presented through an “Outside the Box” project. This project will be supported with the evidence they have gathered throughout the unit. To access any files for this unit, please scroll down and click on the “Module Two” folder.
Module One PT
Hi students! Click here to complete the editing form. We will do this in class today and tomorrow.

Instructions: ​Complete this form twice: Once on your own, then once for a partner (switch seats and peer edit).

Welcome back to another school year! I am looking forward to working with you and your student this year in English. My goal is to provide your student with an educational opportunity that is enriching and engaging, working to encourage and prepare him or her to be a successful, life-long learner. In order to maintain the classroom as a supportive learning environment, I have discussed classroom expectations, goals, and procedures with your student. They are available on this page under "Files" for the first week of school. I encourage you to be an active participant in your child’s educational experience; your involvement and support at home will be an asset to his or her success this year. Please remember that I am always happy to answer any questions you may have; my contact information is posted at the link to the right of this announcement. I look forward to meeting you at Back-to-School Night on Thursday, August 25th!
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 Biweekly Vocabulary
Vocabulary lists are assigned on Fridays. The activity is due in two weeks. A quiz will be given in class.
 Extra Credit Opportunities
You may choose to do up to 3 extra credit activities per semester. You may not choose more than one activity per category. Extra credit must be turned in no later than one week before the quarter ends.
 General Class Information
Beginning of the Year Documents
 Language Practice Packets (LPP)
Language Practice Packets are assigned on Mondays and due the following Monday
 Module One
“Culture and Belonging.” Over the course of this unit, students will gather evidence by reading articles and stories, researching, and watching video clips about people who have overcome challenges. They will use this evidence to write Performance Task One, which is a personal narrative about a struggle they have experienced. To access any files for this collection, please scroll down and click on the “Module One” folder.
 Module Two
Documents / PowerPoint Presentations relating to The Thrill of Horror Collection
 Common Assessment #1 Study Guide 2016.pdf
Common Assessment #1 Study Guide
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